Conference reports

Sabernig, Katharina 2017c. Transforming Tibetan Anatomy (12./13.06.2014): Institut für

Sozialanthropologie der ÖAW in Wien; Curare 38/4: 296-98.


Sabernig, Katharina 2017d. Comparative Perspectives on Body Materiality and Structure in the

History of Sinitic and East Asian Medicines (2.-4.10.2015): University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Curare 38: 298-301.

Sabernig, Katharina 2017e. 100th Anniversary Celebration Conference of the Lhasa Men-Tsee-

Khang & Second Annual Conference of Tibetan Medicine Committee of WFCMS (Lhasa August 20-22, 2016); Himalaya, the Journal of the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies: Vol. 37 : No. 2 , Article 20. 37: 126-128: [reprinted in 2018: Tibet Journal 43(1): 175-178].

100th Anniversary Celebration Conference
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