in preparation

Sabernig, Katharina. A monography on the murals at Labrang Monastery in Two Volumes

Vol. I:

contains analysis and translation of the murals entire content including a comparison with the thangkas illustrating the “Blue Beryl”, a historical introduction and photographic material in colour, about 450 pages.

Vol. II:

contains photographic material of the murals in black and white with inserted red enumeration of all trunks and branches of the medical trees.It will contain all tables: 1) previous and actual inscriptions of the murals in comparison with Blo bzang Chos grags Text, 2) complete comparison of the murals' leaves with the help of Blo bzang Chos grags Text, as well with the bshad rgyud and with Blue Beryl thangkas, 3) appendices, references, indices etc. about 350 pages.


Sabernig, Katharina 2007. Kalte Kräuter und heiße Bäder: Die Anwendung der Tibetischen Medizin in den Klöstern Amdos [Wiener ethnomedizinische Reihe: Band 5]. Wien: Lit.



Sabernig, Katharina 2002. Tiger bändigt Drachen: Eine Anleitung zum besseren Verständnis für die Traditionelle Chinesische Heilkunde insbesondere der fünf Wandlungsphasen. Austria: Bacopa, Schiedlberg.