Honorary activities

since 2017       Member of IASTAM advisory council (Intern. Association for the Study

of Traditional Asian Medicine)

since 2016       Member of the "Specialty Committee of Tibetan Medicine" which is part

of the WFCMS (World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies)

since 2013       Chair of Austrian Society for Ethnomedicine
since 2009       Member of AGEM (German Society of Anthropology and Medicine)
since 2008       Member of IASTAM
2003-2007      Chair of the Austrian Shiatsu Federation (Österreichischer Dachverband

für Shiatsu: ÖDS)                                                   

2002-2006:     President of the Austria Shiatsu-Federation and member in the advisary

board of Austrian federation for TCM and related healthsystems (DVTCM) for curricula in manual therapies and quality assurance.