Conference particiption


June 1, 2023: Symposium: Power of Graphic Medicine, Medical University of Vienna, Videopresentation „Immunological Enmeshments“ (8.10 min)


June 7-9, 2023: Conference: Comparative Guts: Exploring the Inside of the Body Through Time and space; Kunsthalle Kiel Christian Albrecht Universität. Presentation: Tibet – 2oth Century+Spread to Mongolian Culture


June 20, 2023: Sympoisum: Threads of Life: Textiles in Medicine and the Arts. Angewandte Interdisciplinary Lab. Conversation II: Textile Techniken zwischen Kunst und Medizin. Lydia Arantes und Christine Radtke im Gespräch mit Katharina Sabernig



June 2-4, 2022: Weltmuseum, Vienna: Conference VISUAL EXPRESSIONS OF HEALTH, ILLNESS AND HEALING (program). Title of presentation: Visualizing Tibetan anatomical terminology in the wider scope of the project „Knitted Body Materiality“


August 21-26, 2022: Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary: Budapest: 64th Annual Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC): Altaic Crossroads: A Fabric of Languages and Cultures. Presentation: The Manchu Anatomy – A Revisited Fabric of Bodily Paintings


October 18, 2022: Research Week: Zentrum Fokus Forschung: Wien. Presentation: Gestrickte Körper Materialität







AGEM-Tagung: Aesthetics of Healing: Working with the Senses in Therapeutic contexts
May 24th-26th, 2019. University of Münster –
Presentation: Aesthetics of the Inner Body.

15th Seminar 2019 International Association for Tibetan Studies
July 7-13, 2019, Paris: Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales
Presentation: Metaphors in Tibetan Medical Language.

Xining International Conference on Tibetan Medicine
Aug. 24th-26th , 2019: 5th Annual Conference of the Specialty Committee of Tibetan Medicine of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS);
Presentation: The Creation of a Tibetan-Latin Anatomical Atlas on the basis of Modern International Terminology.

Exploring Himalayan Textual Heritage: Symposium in memoriam René Nebesky-Wojkowitz (1923-1959)
Nov. 14.-15. 2019, Weltmuseum, Wien:  
Presentation: Shel gong shel phreng: a Treasure in the History of Tibetan Pharmacology.


4th Annual Conference of the Specialty Committee of Tibetan Medicine of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), “2018 Beijing International Conference on Tibetan Medicine”
Aug. 3rd-5th, 2018: Bejing
Presentation: Metaphors in Tibetan medical concepts.


Medicine and Yoga in South and Inner Asia: Body Cultivation, Therapeutic Intervention and the Sowa Rigpa Industry
Aug., 1st-3rd: Department of South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies, University of Vienna in cooperation with the Institute for Social Anthropology.
Presentation: Topography and proportions of the body in Asian medical traditions.
ICTAM IX International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines: Encounters, Translations and Transformations
Aug. 6th-12th: Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Presentsation: Tibetan pharmacodynamics and compouned humoral pathologies.
Tibetan Medicine Conference on Mind-Body Health
Oct, 6th-7th: Harvard Medical School, Boston
Presentation: Neurophysiological Aspects in Tibetan medicine.


Sacred Cures: Situating Medicine and Religion in Asia
May 2nd-4th: Max Planck Institut, Berlin
Presentation: Location and Terminology of Vulnerable Parts of the Body.
Cultural Systems of Classification: Sickness, Health and Local Biologies: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Medical Cultures in Anthroplogy and the Historical Sciences
June 6th.-07th: Freie Universität Berlin
Presentation: The Tree of Nosology in Tibetan Medicine.
June, 20th-24th: University of Bergen
Presentation: A new Database on Tibetan Medical Terminology.
100th Anniversary Celebration Conference of the Lhasa Men-Tse-Khang & Second Annual Conference of the Specialty Committee of Tibetan Medicine of WFCMS
Aug. 20th-22nd: Lhasa Men-Tse-Khang, Lhasa
Presentation: Description and Depiction of Inner Organs in Tibetan Classical and Modern Texts.
Potent Substances
Sep. 1st: Department of South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies, University of Vienna
Chair of the final discussion.



Comparative perspectives on body materiality and structure in the history of Sinitic and East Asian medicines
Oct. 2nd-4th: Ann Arbor/Michigan, University of Michigan
Presentation: “Anatomical Structures and the Structure of Anatomy in Tibetan Medicine”.
World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies: Tibetan Medicine Committee Inaugural Conference:
Aug. 6th-8th: Xining, Qinghai (China), Qinghai University
Presentation: Database on Tibetan Medical Terms.


Workshop on traditional Korean Medicine
Nov. 8th-18th: Busan/Korea, Busan University, Korean Ministry of Health,
Presentation: Country report: Traditional and Complementary Medicine in Austria”.
Transforming Tibetan Literature: St. Petersburg
July 27th-28th: University of St. Peterburg
Presentation: Development of Tibetan Anatomical Literature.
Transforming Tibetan Anatomy: Symposium: Vienna
June 12th-13th: Institute for Social Anthropology
Presentation: Anatomical Findings and Terminology of Blo-bzang Chos-grags.
Bodies in Balance: the Essentials
Mar. 21st-23rd: Rubin Museum New York
Presentation: Medical murals at Labrang Monastery.
Himalayan Studies Conference,
Mar. 14th.-16th: University of Yale, New Haven
Presentation: Pharmacological Achievements of Dar-mo sman-rams-pa Blo-bzang Chos-grags.


7-12 Juli: 56 PIAC (Permanent International Altaistic Conference)

Turkey/Kocaeli University

Paper Titel: “Gender Related Symptoms in Tibetan Medical Practice”.


22-17 Juli: 13th Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies (IATS) in Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar

Paper Titel: “Counting bones and moving joints”.


9-13 September: 8th International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicine (ICTAM VIII) 

South Korea: Sancheong

Paper Titel: “Tibetan Anatomy build on Human Dissection?”.


13. September: Hundred Year Anniversary of Atsagat Menpa Datsang

held by Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences) in Buryatia/Russia

Paper Titel: “Illustrations depicting the environment around the mythical city of Tibetan Medicine”.


2. Oktober: DGV-Konferenz „Verortungen. Ethnologie in Wissenschaft, Arbeitswelt und Öffentlichkeit“,


Panel 41: „Die Ethnobotanik in öffentlichen Diskursen um Heilmittel“

Titel: Tibetische Materia Medica im Disput.



Juli 2012: 55 PIAC in Klausenburg/Cluj-Napoca

September 2011: Tagung der Arge Ethnomedizin in Wien

August 2011: 10th IAMS in Ulaanbaatar

August 2010: 12th Seminar of IATS in Vancouver

September 2009: ICTAM VII in Bhutan/ Panel-Leitung des Amdo Panel

November 2007: 6thEuropean Colloquium of Ethnopharmacology / 20th conference “Ethnomedicine” / Medical Anthropology at Leipzig 8th to 10th.